3 Tips for hiring your ideal ski instructor in Courchevel


Have you had an average ski instructor in Courchevel before? Your kids have come back unhappy from private ski lessons in Courchevel in the past? It makes you wonder if ski lessons are really worth it?


Imagine avoiding these issues by choosing your ski instructor yourself!


Considering that you will spend up to 6 hours a day with your ski instructor, hiring the right person from the start is essential.

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  • On the contrary, if you are convinced and want to know more:


Here are 3 useful tips for finding the perfect private ski instructor in Courchevel. 


» Easy as 1, 2, 3 … «

Tip 1 – You are the most qualified to make the best decision


The ski school secretary doesn’t know you like you know you! Nor does the hotel concierge or the chalet care taker. Doesn’t matter if you tell them you would like an experienced private ski instructor or the best ski guide in town. They do not know you like you know you. The best to you does not necessarily means the same for them. This is why you are the most qualified to choose your best private ski instructor in Courchevel.

The good news is: there are dozens of remarkable ski instructors in Courchevel.


Skiers facing snowy peaks in the french Alps

Skiers facing snowy peaks in the french Alps


All private ski instructors I know truly love their job and they will do everything in their power to deliver memorable ski holidays to their clients. They will adapt to your level and your needs. Because some of us are adrenaline seekers whilst others are more fearful. You might be looking for performance and improving your technique, or maybe it’s your very first time skiing.

We are all unique and the qualities we need in our private ski instructors are too.

Tip 2: Pick a great coach, not just a good skier


Your private ski instructor in Courchevel needs to be great at coaching even more than they need to be a good skier. Personality and behavior do matter. Sense of humor, ability to listen, empathy, communication skills, entertainment skills are what we need!

We spend many hours with our private ski instructor during our winter holidays. Therefore, we want them to :

  • always know what is best for us
  • be able anticipate our needs
  • show great organizational skills
  • be able to recommend the best skiing itineraries
  • but also the best places to eat (!)
  • and even the best venues to party in the evening (!!)


white peaks mountains view ideal for skiing off piste

white peaks mountains view ideal for skiing off piste


In the end, very few of us are preparing for the Winter Olympics, aren’t we? This is why above all, we want our private ski instructors to be great at teaching. No doubt that ski instructors in Courchevel are all good skiers. For perfect ski holidays, you need a bit more than that…

We expect to have fun out on the slopes, to see our children look forward to the next skiing session, and to trust the person guiding us through the mountains.

Expect the best for yourself : pick a great coach, not just a good skier 


Tip 3 – Always interview potential ski instructors


You would not randomly hire a cook or a nanny, would you? Then why leave your ski instructor selection to soleone else?

A quick phone call will do for an interview.

Because you will spend up to 6 hours a day with your ski instructor, that quick phone call is a great investment of your time. Save yourself the hassle of having to get rid of a bad choice; choose your Ms or Mr Right from the start.


Before you start searching for your ideal ski instructor in Courchevel:

  • Does age matter to you?

You might be more comfortable with someone you age but many of us find easier trusting someone older when it comes to safety and local knowledge.

  • Does gender matter to you?

This is a very personal choice. Will you mind if your husband chooses to ski with a beautiful, young and blond female ski instructor? Whether you choose a male or a female instructor for young children, it is important to make sure they are good with kids.


You can now start screening for your perfect ski instructor in Courchevel:

If your concierge, the chalet care taker, or an acquaintance can advise someone, it is always worth considering it. Word of mouth is great! So is the internet, but be sure to always make a direct contact with your candidate regarding the following:

  • Do you share common interests?

Consider the time you will spend chit-chatting on ski-lifts and over lunch throughout the week… Conversational skills matter if you want to have a good time. You don’t want to get bored with you private ski instructor when at the next table they are having the time of their lives…

  • What is his/her experience in the ski resort?

Some activities require proper planning, experience and extensive knowledge of the terrain. This is true with off-piste skiing, ski touring, heli-skiing, and any similarly specific winter sport.

  • What language does he/she speak?

This can be very important for obvious reasons. Trust is also built through communication. First time skiers are the youngest of us will really need to be able to communicate easily with their ski instructor.




It might be worth taking your potential ski instructor in Courchevel out of his comfort zone for a second… Keeping it nice of course. Maybe try a joke on him/her… This is just to get a reaction !





Wondering where to contact a great ski instructor in Courchevel?

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