5 Reasons to choose your private ski instructor yourself

Imagine being stuck on a ski lift with the most annoying ski instructor… It happened to me once and it certainly wasn’t fun. The following is a true story. Here are 5 reasons why you should NEVER let someone else choose your private ski instructor:

Reason 1:

You only get one ski break each year (unless you’re very lucky!)


Every winter my family goes on ski holidays in Courchevel, it’s a tradition. We settle into our French Alps chalet for a well-deserved ski break, ideally a nice layer of fresh snow awaits us on the slopes and all we have to do is dress up in our skiing gear!

This particular year, as a gift to my family, I had chosen to hire a private ski instructor to try and explore the mountains further. I didn’t bother finding a ski instructor myself and just asked the chalet care taker to arrange one for me. I thought it would be ok…





The next morning my family and I met our private ski instructor. He was in his late thirties and seemed quite experienced with private skiing lessons. We went off to the top of the Saulire on a lovely (yet freezing cold) February morning. OMG… the long awaited snowy mountains, just like on a postcard!

But then unfortunately OMG… the most boring and dull ski instructor replying only by a half silent yes or no to our repeated questions. Awkward right from the start… We were about to realize I had hired the most annoying local instructor for a week-long private ski guiding!

Reason 2:

A bad private ski instructor can ruin your ski holidays


Quickly my mum began to be unable to bare the private ski instructor’s temperament. Or should I say lack of temperament… He only talked to comment on our average (he probably thought poor) skiing technique. We had hired him to explore the ski resort not to become Winter Olympic champions!

As a result my family’s mood slowly went downhill. I felt guilty for taking the initiative to hire a ski guide as a « gift ». We were on our ski holidays. Our well-deserved and long awaited ski holidays that was now no longer perfect! The snow conditions that year were magical though, so we chose to wait and see if things would improve with our private ski instructor…


Reason 3:

You spend up to 6 hours a day with your private ski instructor


After a few days it got to a point where our private ski instructor situation was all we could talk about. On the third day, after a silent (yet nice) off-piste adventure, he stayed silent over lunch again. In Courchevel, booking private ski lessons means inviting your ski guide for lunch every day. This is normally a great opportunity to learn more about the ski resort and get some local insights. No chance of that with our grumpy guide.


skiing winter Courchevel family ski holidays

Skiing in Courchevel on a family ski holidays.


Again that evening he was the center of our family discussions. Should we tell him how we felt? Should we give him one more chance? Were we over reacting? We decided we had had enough. I called the ski school secretary myself and asked for a replacement.

That very day, I swore to myself I would NEVER let anybody except me choose my private ski instructor ever again.

Reason 4:

Your ski instructor should be your n°1 ally


This time I wasn’t just accepting anybody as a replacement, I asked for specifics. As a priority I wanted a private ski instructor who had a proven record of coaching skills, even more than being a good skier.

I took the time to call a couple of ski instructors who had interesting profiles and asked them questions about themselves. I made sure to listen very carefully to them and it turned out to be really interesting. Of course all of them knew the mountains and off piste itineraries perfectly but their personalities, their behaviors, and their sense of humor were very different to one another.

In the end I booked Laurent. He turned out to be the perfect private ski instructor for my family. Our last couple of days were sensational! We had so much fun. We are still skiing with Laurent on each of our ski breaks. There you have it, a true story with a happy ending!





Reason 5:

Happy skiers keep the same private ski instructor every winter


The time I invested in finding the right instructor for private ski lessons was priceless. Laurent was definitely the right one for us. He even joined us in Megeve once when my family wanted to try something different. A few of my closest friends have used his services on their ski vacations as well.

You will keep skiing with your perfect ski instructor year after year. No more having to break the ice on day one when it’s already -10 °C outside. Even if you try a different ski resort every year a loyal ski instructor will most likely be happy to guide you there!

Private ski guides spend up to 6 hours a day skiing with you. They greet you in the morning, share lunch with you and they deliver you to your chalet at the end of the day. Taking the time to choose the right ski instructor for yourself is golden. The good news is: there are plenty of great private ski instructors out there, you just have to find them!

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