You set the bar.

Your next private ski lesson in Courchevel can be as smooth, memorable and physically challenging as you desire.

When you hire me as your private ski instructor, you secure winter sports fun, white peaks beauty, gourmet food tips, a great sense of humor, exquisite wines choices, fresh snow and much more ! When do we start?

Winter sport ?


If you are a complete winter sports beginner, skiing is a good introduction. Trust me, you don’t want your legs attached on day one…
If you are already an experienced skier and you don’t want to be crumbling in the snow for half your ski break, then it is certainly best to stick to skiing. The objective is to have fun here.


If you can skate board or surf, you will find similar feelings snowboarding. Also, if you are dreaming of deep powder snow, a snowboard is also your preferred toy. The feeling is just too good to express with words… You’ll soon know…


No worries here if you are new to off-piste skiing. We will start easy. No pressure and always safety first. But be ready: off-piste is even more addictive! Don’t say I did not warn you wink

Ski touring

Now you are talking! Ski touring is for those who do not call downhill skiing a sport… If you train on a regular basis you will love ski touring. Certainly great for cardio. And, it is not all suffering either. Once we reach the summit, we take a big breath, embrace the scenary and we ski down!!


If your wallet allows, this is probably the ultimate experience. No limit but the weather. great snow conditions every day. To sum up, why would anyone say no to heliskiing in the 3 Valleys (world biggest ski resort)? It does not get any better. So be ready…

Ski safari

Ski safari is the best option for those who refuse to choose. Stay in Courchevel for lodging but ski in Val d’Isère, Megève, Gstaad, and even in Italy! A destination a day but breakfast and dinner in the confort of your favorite ski resort.

Mix-it up

Do you eat pasta every day fo lunch?! Most likely not. Therefore it is just as ok to ski, snowboard, go ski touring and even try snow shoeing in the same week. Your imagination is the only limit cool

Who is in your crew?

Adult - private

Private ski lessons are always a good idea. You set the bar: on piste, off piste, technical advices, performance tips, simple guiding, fear management, or just a nice company to escape the crowd and take a day for yourself…
I will look after you from start to finish. I can also make sure you have the most appropriate gear and organize your ski pass.

Adult - group

We will always set the speed on the less experienced skier. As a result, it is important to try and have a group as homogenous as possible.
If you already ski like a rock star, I guide rather than giving formal private ski lessons. I will be your guarantee to avoid the crowd. And above all, you can transfer all the logistic onto me for the day.
Even those who have skied in Courchevel / Meribel for decades do not know the area like a ski instructor does. Still not convinced? Try me and I’ll promise I will prove you wrong.

Child - private

Your little one will learn even faster with private ski lessons. No lecture, no formal teaching. Practice and fun combined so they don’t even realize they are learning. So by the end of the week, no doubt they will ski like champs and never miss a jump!

Kids - group

If possible, it is always nicer for a kid to have playmates. Our ski resorts are full of snow area specially designed for the young ones. We learn through fun during private ski lessons!

Lessons formula ?

Half day

If you are not passionate about skiing, not sure to be in shape or not super rich of time that day, half day private ski lessons certainly are a good option.
You can always start with a half day and extend your booking afterwards directly with your ski instructor. Please keep in mind that half days skiing are not available during school holidays.

Full day

Full day private ski lessons are always a nice call. It takes time to warm up, and get the right feel before you find your balance and experience the true pleasure of skiing.
Therefore, you can choose to book full day private ski lessons one day after the other. Please note that during high season, most clients choose to book the whole week straight away to avoid disappointment.

Week - 6 days

That’s how you turn a ski break into real ski holidays! Time certainly runs fast. Week long private ski lessons are the only way to really empty your mind and enjoy the mountains.
So, if you have liked your ski holidays and you wish to keep the same ski instructor the next winter, we strongly advise you let us your dates asap

Which ski resort?


Coming soon. Why you should go skiing in Courchevel: Why you should NOT go:


Coming soon. Why you should go skiing in Kitsbull: Why you should NOT go:

Val d'Isère

Coming soon. Why you should go skiing in Kitsbull: Why you should NOT go:


Coming soon. Why you should go skiing in Kitsbull: Why you should NOT go:


Coming soon. Why you should go skiing in Kitsbull: Why you should NOT go:


Coming soon. Why you should go skiing in Kitsbull: Why you should NOT go:


Coming soon. Why you should go skiing in Kitsbull: Why you should NOT go:

You ski vacations are worth it !     

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